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Flash of Genius

Film celebrates ideal of credit given where credit is due

This DVD is a stirring drama based on the true story of part-time inventor Bob Kearns (Greg Kinnear).

Whose windshield wipers—an investor’s
Whose windshield wipers — an inventor’s or Ford ’s? That question is the center of Flash of Genius.

In the 1960s, he invents an intermittent windshield wiper that works like a blinking eye.

He sells the idea to Ford Motor Co. and prepares to manufacture it himself, but then Ford backs out.

However, when the new line of Ford cars is unveiled, Kearns sees that his device is installed in them.

He begins a court case to get Ford to admit they stole his invention — refusing settlement offers while holding out for a public apology. He doesn’t define success by money.

His David vs. Goliath battle is based on the ideal of credit given where credit is due.

Kearns stands up for all other inventors who have seen their patents infringed upon by large and powerful corporations.

Flash of Genius celebrates one man’s arduous and lonely crusade against injustice (Universal Studios, 2008; PG-13—brief strong language).


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