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Go in peace ... don't forget your fries

Good food and fellowship have gone hand-in-hand for years. But some churches are putting a new spin on coffee and conversation, or the traditional potluck. Pairing churches and fast food or gourmet coffee is a growing trend, a Time article says.

In July, Brentwood Baptist Church, Houston, will open a McDonald's in its community center. The church entered the deal with a member who owns six other Houston-based McDonald's franchises. The new restaurant will even include a drive-up window. A company spokesman believes its the first fast-food chain to be housed in a church.

A major coffee chain is already housed in a church in Munster, Ind. — the Family Christian Center has a Starbucks in its lobby.

Then there's Messiah Christian Church, Wells, Maine, which offers parishioners a way to take the fast-food calories off: a fitness center where memberships sell for $300.


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