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In tough economic times, congregational ministries expand

• A struggling self-employed house painter rides his bike to Faith Lutheran Church, Wilmington, Ohio, southeast of Dayton, to ask for help. June Fryman, the pastor, writes a $25 check from her discretionary fund for his electric bill.

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Bob Schnut, a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Brewster, N.Y., helps Barbara Toolan with her résumé. Ministries at many churches are expanding to help the unemployed find jobs and meet basic needs.
• An unemployed woman turns to Trinity Lutheran Church, Brewster, N.Y., a New York City suburb, for help rewriting her résumé. She worries how to get to an interview since her car was repossessed.

New City Parish, a collaboration of ELCA churches in the Los Angeles area, lends members $500 to open a hot dog stand. Another group of women gets funding to start a small sewing business.

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