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Goodbye, guilt. Hello, better prayer life.

Perhaps it's time to examine our attitudes toward prayer

Is prayer just another source of guilt in your life? “I know I should pray but I just can’t seem to find time.” Or “I want to pray but I’m not good with words.”

All of us have picked up attitudes on prayer that affect us today. Maybe it’s time to examine them—and let go of those that don’t move us into more conversations with God. Let go of unhelpful attitudes. And say hello to a refreshed relationship with the God whose beloved we are.

devon ravineSuch a smorgasbord of prayer exists: reflective, meditative types such as centering prayer and spontaneous, brief ones such as popcorn prayer (see "Small group prayer"). Postures differ too: hands folded, hands open to receive, arms upraised. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Do what works for you.

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