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Synod finds companion in Guyana

Few people know that the Lutheran Church of Guyana is that country's oldest church body.

But its companion synod, the Florida-Bahamas Synod, knows and i t's spr eading the word.

Synod representatives, in an effort to strengthen ties, visited Guyana in South America during the LCG convention, bringing two autoharps and a computer system. The autoharps are part of a program begun by Carl F. Kelly Jr. , pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Rotonda West, Fla. Kelly has helped congregations incorporate autoharp music into worship. The computer system allows the church's main office to communicate on-line with Lutherans throughout the United States.

Roy Thakurdyal, pastor of Transfiguration Parish, who was elected LCG president during the convention, said, "We look forward to deepening and strengthening our relationship with the Florida-Bahamas Synod. As we have received from you, we will try to give to you." The delegation discussed sharing resources in areas such as leadership training, worship and music, and communications.

What does the challenge of evangelism in the LCG have to do with Lutherans in America? As Conrad Braat en, coordinator of the synod's companion church program, noted, "Leadership in international organizations within the Christian church is more and more from the Two-Thirds World. This shift simply says that as Christians in the First World we have as much to receive from the Two-Thirds World as we have to give in the common building up of the body of Christ."


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