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More loyalty to toothpaste

Protestants have less "brand loyalty" to their denominations

Phoenix-based Ellison Research says U.S. Protestants have less “brand loyalty” to their denominations than to their favorite toothpaste or bathroom tissue.

captWhile 16 percent of U.S. Protestants surveyed wouldn’t consider switching their denominational affiliation, 22 percent wouldn’t change their toothpaste and 19 percent their favorite brand of bathroom tissue.

Overall, seven in 10 U.S. churchgoers (Protestants, Roman Catholics, Orthodox and Mormons) “would be at least somewhat open to switching denominations.” But 60 percent of Roman Catholics said they would only attend their church.

“Church denominations certainly are not the same as hotels or soft drinks, but some of the same rules apply — the brands that develop stronger loyalty tend to do a better job of differentiating themselves from other brands and demonstrating key elements of the brand very clearly,” said Ron Sellers, head of Ellison.

“With one-third of all Protestant churchgoers not even being able to identify a preferred denomination, denominational leaders face many of the same challenges as do the leaders of brands such as Coke, Chevrolet or Home Depot.”


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