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Reaching Out in a Networked World

Church people fall into two camps when it comes to new communication technology

Reaching Out in a Networked World: Expressing Your Congregation’s Heart and Soul by Lynne M. Baab notes that church people fall into two camps when it comes to new communication technology: those who are immersed in it (primarily the young) and those who find it intimidating. Book cover: Reaching out in a networked world

This timely and accessible resource offers an insightful overview of the manifold ways this technology can convey the values, identity and mission of congregations to the wider world.

The author, who spent two years looking at Internet sites created by Protestant churches, writes about how the Web has replaced brochures and newsletters in many parishes. The author also comments on the uses of blogs, podcasts, social networking sites, listserves, wikis and desktop publishing.

This is an ideal resource for congregational leaders. Check out the communication audit at the back ofthe book to see where your congregation stands (The Alban Institute, 2008).


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