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California seniors help the homeless

Lamb of God in Anaheim provides a weekly luncheon

Andrea Mathews from Lamb of God Lutheran, Anaheim, Calif., volunteers at a weekly luncheon for the homeless, hosted by the congregation and The Salvation Army.

susan goldmanIn addition to a warm meal, the senior volunteers provide hygiene items, clothing, sleeping bags and other necessities.

The Orange County area has felt repercussions from the housing and economic crises, with a record number of home foreclosures and a financial downturn also attributed to a slump in the tourism industry.

“Last spring we had 30 people coming to the luncheon on a regular basis,” said Steven K. Bieghler, pastor.

“Now we are averaging 45, even 50 sometimes. We are seeing more people who have been displaced by loss of job or housing.”


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