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Playing God

Actors give the Gospels a "dramatic makeover"

Even the best sermon is still a sermon. But some pastors such as Gregory Wenhold enhance their message through drama, just as Jesus used thought-provoking parables to explain complex issues in a way anyone could understand.

At Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Naperville, Ill., Wenhold works with volu nteer writers, actors and directors who dramatize Gospel texts, complementing his sermon through modern scenes involving average people.

Drama, Good Shepherd found, is not just for Christmas pageants anymore.

"I think people are looking for new images in the Gospel," Wenhold said. "With film, TV, CD-ROM and the Internet, we are not just a text-communication society anymore. And when you put images and dialogue to some abstract concept, it illustrates those images in a way peo ple can relate to."

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