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Women's perspectives

More than 150 women and men — from college students to parish pastors — met in Chicago recently for the first theological conference organized by the ELCA Justice for Women program.

Nine presenters, all scholars from ELCA and other institutions, offered papers that explored transformative Lutheran theologies from feminist, womanist and mujerista (Latina) perspectives.

This spring a video of conference highlights will be available at the ELCA Justice for Women Web site.


Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Posted at 8:11 pm (U.S. Eastern) 10/16/2009

ELCA Justice For Women denies God's appointed structure with the man as the head of the woman.

God's structure is not about equality....it's about what works best for His creation.  Someone has to be in charge and someone has to be the helpmate.  A family with TWO heads will not function as God intended.

Feminism is the spirit of Jezebel.  Look what happened to her and look what is happening to families these days because of it!

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