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Members of Peace Lutheran Church, Albert, Kan., put the Golden Rule into action by volunteering to paint neighboring Albert United Methodist Church if its parishioners would provide the paint. Some 40 volunteers scraped and painted the building in one day.

What's in a name? The congregation in Sylmar, Calif., hopes that changing its name from Lutheran Church of the Master to Church of the Foothills will attract more people. Congregants came up with 64 possible names, including some humorous ones such as "Please Come to Our Church" and "Sven's Big Building." Six finalists were field-tested to gauge public response.

Before heading out of church on Super Bowl Sunday (Jan. 26) to watch the big game, hundreds of ELCA churches will participate in the "Souper Bowl." Congregants are asked to put $1 in soup caldrons held at the door by the church's youth. This interdenominational effort raised $1.3 million for hungry people in 1996. All money collected is donated by individual churches to whichever local cause they choose. Many ELCA congregations split their proceeds between local charities and the ELCA Hunger Fund. For more information call (800) 358-SOUP or (803) 788-3589.

In the style of the "Old West" the yoked Lutheran-Presbyterian parish of White Sulphur Springs, Mont., holds worship at a local watering hole-the dining room of J.T.'s Bar and Supper Club in Ringling, Mont. In extending the geographical boundary of their parish to include Ringling, the pastors, Rosemarie and Calvin Fahrion, are taking the church to the people. "In the Old West, people often met in the local `watering hole' for their worship, and there is a strong history of evangelism with the frontier preacher invading the dens of iniquity with the word of the Lord," the Fahrions say.

The children of Ascension Lutheran Church, Deer Park, N.Y., presented their Advent offering of more than $400 to the church and requested that it be sent to Brazil and Columbia to provide pastoral care.

Each December, Angela Larson, 12, of St. John Lutheran Church, Glendale, Ariz., wears a wreath of lighted candles on her head and visits retired residents at Brook Hollow Apartments, Peoria, Ariz., inviting them to a candlelight breakfast in honor of St. Lucia Day. This tradition began when Angela was 4.

More than 150 stuffed animals were given by the youth of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod congregations and sent to the U.S. Virgin Islands by Lutheran Disaster Response.

The confirmation classes at St. John Lutheran Church, Carroll, Iowa, made Christmas ABC books for nursing home residents and the homebound. Recycling Christmas cards for the pictures and using the computer to print verses for every letter of the alphabet, the confirmands put them together into magnetic photo albums.

Members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Md., joined 20 other members of the Frederick Chorale to sing for the king and queen of Jordan, at Jerusalem's Israeli Concert Hall and in a private concert for Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and his staff.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Mount Holly, N.C., offered free Christmas craft workshops each Wednesday during October. Participants learned to make a different, simple craft each week.

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Walkersville, Md., has a new web page at www.kis.net/stpauls designed and maintained by member Christopher Law — who is 13 years old. (Note — As of 9/98, this Web site appears to no longer exist.)


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