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Avoiding a plastic Christmas

Credit card debt detracts from the joy of the season

The holidays are just around the corner an d the joy of giving abounds. The weeks of anticipation, shopping and wrapping will come together as everyone gathers around the tree to exchange presents. One for me, one for you, one for Grandma, one for Dad. Within moments, the remnants of do zens of carefully wrapped presents lie in piles, and empty boxes surround us. Has the spirit of Christmas been lost?

Bingeing on presents and other trappings of the holidays sometimes means we lose the true joy of giving and receiving.

The gifts I remember most are the ones I had to wait for, like my first Barbie. Today, my daughter has more Barbie dolls than I can count. My son leaves his Game Boy at a friend's house for three weeks and doesn't even know it is missing. Most of us have more than we need, but not as much as we want.

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