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Wheelchairs aid forgotten poor

Steven Perry has helped with dozens of ministries, seeing firsthand how people’s needs have been met. But few moments are more memorable to him than when a pastor in Peru thanked him and others with the Free Wheelchair Mission for coming to the isolated village.

With his new wheels, attached to a
With his new wheels, attached to a regular plastic lawn chair, this little boy in Peru can keep up with other children.
“I told him we were happy to bring the wheelchairs and to see how they will be used,” Perry said. “And the pastor said to me, ‘No. Thank you for coming. The gift of your presence means so much.’”

Perry, an ELCA pastor, left his call at Mission Lutheran Church, Laguna Niguel, Calif., 12 years ago to co-found the Foundation for Christian Stewardship, with the goal of advising faith-based, nonprofit start-ups. On authorized clergy leave of absence, Perry continues to be a member of Mission.

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