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African council condemns West

Meeting Dec. 7-12 in Maputo, Mozambique, the once-every-five-years assembly of the All Africa Conference of Churches condemned Western domination of poor countries.

“With the prevailing forces of globalization, Africa experiences a new form of oppression with crippling economic burden through unjust international relations, trade and hopeless foreign debts,” delegates said in a Dec. 12 message.

According to Ecumenical News International, Frank Chikane, director general of the South African president’s office, told delegates that most African countries have “proxy governments answering to Western powers.” He said the “Western world and their multinational companies are committing the worst terrorism on poor countries.”

In a closing sermon Dec. 12, World Council of Churches General Secretary Samuel Kobia noted that even strong economies were shaken by the global recession. “The impact of economic recession, yet again, hits first and foremost those who are already the most vulnerable and marginalized,” he said. “Yet most of the plans for recovery from this crisis focus on restoring the wealth of the privileged few rather than on overcoming poverty everywhere."




Posted at 9:06 am (U.S. Eastern) 1/28/2009

I would like to also contribute in the discussions of the African content as an AAfrican.There are so many issues that affect us as christians or people who stays in the continent.I am Swazi who is an activist because the countries leadership is sick.There is social injustices and no obsevations of human rights.Freedom of speech is not there, freedom of assembly is not there.That makes wish to be part of those who discuss issues that affect human being anywhere in the world.

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