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LDRNY closes

Lutheran Disaster Response of New York closed Nov. 30, leaving its New York City office at Ground Zero and turning over future disaster response in the region to Lutheran Social Services of New York.

LDRNY has distributed more than $9 million in gifts since Sept. 11, 2001.

It paid tuition for children who lost a parent and couldn’t afford to attend Lutheran schools, bought groceries, provided counseling and more.


Gary L. Dick

Gary L. Dick

Posted at 1:23 pm (U.S. Eastern) 2/5/2009

RE: the comment about "...paid tuition for children...couldn't afford to attend Lutheran schools..."

 As an ELCA member, I would request that tuition assistance be provided to a school of that family's choice.  It seems to me that for the assistance to be tied to Lutheran schools is coercion rather than assistance.  Sure, we want to pass on what it means to be a Lutheran to others, but to force the issue is probably counterproductive in my opinion.

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