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Winter's discontent

Yet faith can grow in this bleak time

This time of winter in the northern portions of our country can be trying. The days are still short, the nights long and temperatures an affront to the senses. Even the diversion of sports ebbs in February once the Super Bowl is history and there’s only basketball—at least until catchers and pitchers report to Florida and Arizona.

It is indeed appropriate that into this setting comes the season of Lent. Its demand for self-examination, contemplation of the past, present and future, and giving of ourselves to others makes all the more sense during the heart of winter.

While we prepare for the coming Holy Week and Easter, attempting to understand the sacrifice of Jesus for us, it’s easy to wax melancholy if not worse. So turn to “Unprepared for suffering.” While not written specifically for Lent, the article finds a natural setting at the start of this liturgical season, as well as with the general condition of our nation and its uncertain financial future.

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