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Kids & Jesus

Last Christmas I purchased a doll to place in our church’s outdoor Nativity scene. My daughter, 6, was beside herself with excitement to be able to help. As she was removing the baby’s pink romper to dress it in swaddling clothes she said, “Hey, Mom, the name is written on the back. Look.” I responded, “No, that’s not the name. It says, ‘Made in China.’ ” After a few minutes she asked, “Mom, where was Hallie made?” (Hallie, her close friend at church, was adopted from China at Christmas about five years earlier.) I replied, “Well, Hallie was born in China.” She responded with awe and sincerity, “Mom, Hallie and baby Jesus were made in the same place.”

Sharolyn Browning
Austin, Texas

“I drew baby Jesus’ name too.”
“I drew baby Jesus’ name too.”
A year ago my husband and I subscribed to The Little Lutheran for our granddaughter, Zoe, then 4. When the subscription came up for renewal, I called to ask our daughter if she thought we should renew. She answered with a “twinkle” in her voice, “Well, she calls it her ‘mail from Jesus.’ ” We weren’t about to cancel any mail from Jesus.

Janet Spaid
Lacey, Wash.

Our grandson, Jacob, 5, was sitting on the floor with his hands raised as if meditating. When his parents asked him what he was doing, he replied, “I’ve got to talk to God about Groucho (his grandparents’ miniature schnauzer who had been ill and had to be put to sleep).” A few minutes later they heard him say, “I knew it. I knew it. Groucho’s having more fun with Jesus than he did with us.”

Phyllis Dahlke
Round Rock, Texas

“Sorry we’re late. We had to stop and
“Sorry we’re late. We had to stop and have these gift wrapped.”
My great-granddaughter, Kaylynn, 5, and I were enjoying reading a book about Jesus when I told her, “Just think, Great-Grandma was in Israel and walked the very ground that Jesus walked.” Very seriously she asked, “Did you walk on water too?”

Jeanne Hohmann
Minot, N.D.

Advent wreath challenge

Lighting the Advent wreath in our old church building was a real challenge for the acolytes. Hung from the ceiling, the wreath would move if touched and it wasn’t low enough for the children to reach the candles easily. One Christmas Eve they tried and tried without success. Finally a man from the congregation rose and assisted them. “I guess we need taller acolytes,” Phil Fenton, our pastor, joked, then turned to the man who’d helped and said, “Thanks, Shorty.”

Diana Jones
Longview, Texas

Thanksgiving leftovers ...

Our elementary children were collecting money for a Thanksgiving dinner to serve those in need. When asked what the money was going to be used for, one of the children responded, “To feed homely people.”

Carol Hyun
Kingwood, Texas


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