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The texts of your life

Reflect on the Bible verses that make up your own scriptural biography

What texts have accompanied you in life? How has God shaped your life through them? Take time this Epiphany season to reflect, recall and identify the texts that make up your own scriptural biography, the very presence of God.

Bible study• Start with Scripture passages that were given to you at some point in your life. Is there one recorded in your family Bible that was read at your baptism? When you received your first Bible, did a beloved grandmother inscribe a verse or two? What about a confirmation verse: Did you choose one or was one given to you by your pastor? Have you considered why these might have been given to you? How have such texts blessed you in life?

• Were you named after a character from Scripture? Why? If you have explored this character in Scripture, is there a way in which you’ve experienced a call through your name?

• Is there a time in your life that you associate with a particular passage? What was the connection between that Scripture and the life you were experiencing? Was this a text of comfort that accompanied you in a hard time? Did it lead you to some change in your life?

• Do you remember studying Scripture and being confused? Did you sense that you were being pulled into this text as a blessing or for guidance?

• Is there special Scipture that you recommend to others? What are you trying to offer them? What does it mean to you?

• Is there a favorite hymn that “sings” a particular text for you?

• If you named a child after a biblical character or inscribed a verse in someone’s Bible, how did you hope it would function in their lives? What meaning did it have for you?

• Have you thought of a passage that you would like inscribed on your memorial stone or used at your funeral? Why these verses? Is there a text or Bible story that summarizes your life with God?

• As you reflect on these texts, is there a patternthat feels like accompaniment or the Spirit’s presence?


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