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Bloomfield brouhaha

Mixed reaction to congregation's controversy

I commend Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., in their actions regarding the membership of a gay couple (September, page 35). First, their commitment to studying the issue of open homosexuality rather than simply denying membership to the couple shows concern for these men and the children. Second, their unwillingness to accept a double standard--one for pastors and one for members--is admirable. I pray for continued peaceful, loving discussion of this issue at Beautiful Savior and throughout the ELCA. Let us all pray for a resolution that will be pleasing to God.

Steven C. Berg
Minneapolis, Minn.

Gay couples should not be accepted as members of the church. Should people who have homosexual tendencies but who are repentant sinners attempting to live godly, obedient lives be accepted as members? Yes! When Jesus spoke to the adulterous woman he didn't tell her to carry on as before but said, "Go and sin no more." If we want our country to be preserved as it has been in the past, we must return to biblical values. The church must take a stand for what is right and that includes preserving the family as God ordained. When will the ELCA leadership get the message that we don't really need to "discuss" this issue? Let's move on and prepare for Christ's return.

Peggy Coppler
Roann, Ind.

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