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“The way forward for theological education will be deeply interfaith or it will fail,” said Serene Jones, president of Union Seminary, New York, in her Nov. 17 inaugural address.

“The fact is our lives are now interfaith in bone-deep ways. We live in interfaith families; we eat Middle Eastern food for lunch. ... We have hymns on our iPods, yoga mats in our backpacks, Torah prayers by our bedsides.”


Dana Dreibelbis

Dana Dreibelbis

Posted at 7:03 pm (U.S. Eastern) 3/5/2009

Inter-cultural world? Yes.  And therefore we 'need' to be interfaith? Utter nonsense.  The world known to Christians has been richly 'interfaith' for 2000 years.  Did Jesus say, 'Hey, just believe whatever...;' no.  Did the Apostles preach any and everything in a very mutlitcultural/multireligious Mediterranean worldand beyond? No, they preached Christ. What, you think they should have been practicing Bacchynalians, Mithraists, Baalists, Druids, etc.? If Jones wants to be a Unitarian-Univeralist, fine, but don't pretend that Christianity/Jesus isn't eternal, unique, and fully salvific - - just as he has been for 2000++ years. Religious diversity is NOT a new phenomenom vis a vis Christianity.

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