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New year, fresh start

Opportunity, challenge abound

Welcome to the 22nd year of publication of The Lutheran. In one form or another, this magazine has been about the business of keeping Lutherans informed, educated, entertained and connected for going on 179 years through our predecessor publications. Thanks be to God for this opportunity and challenge.

Some changes are afoot this year, starting on page 6. It and page 7 were purchased by the Mission Investment Fund as the home for a “double truck” advertisement to help that unit deliver its message of service to the ELCA. That means the “Our faith” column moves to page 8. The Lutheran committed the column to the ELCA’s Book of Faith initiative for the next year and a half.

With pages 9 and 11 also sold to advertisers, page 10 becomes a standing monthly space for news. The “Currents” section, a collection of news shorts on the ELCA, other faiths and religion in general, begins on page 12. That pushes the cover story to page 18. A new “Pass the faith” page for parents and children is pegged to page 45.

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