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I read with interest The Lutheran’s articles on emerging church services (June, "Door openers"). As a worship leader of such a service, I’ve become aware of Lutheran theology in a visceral way—as if I’m encountering it for the first time.

As author Elizabeth Hunter noted, there’s much in our ELCA theology that’s a good fit for an emerging church gathering. However, as we seek to offer radical hospitality to the unchurched, overchurched, differently churched and toxically churched in our community, our gathering regularly includes people who are unaware of our faith rituals, including the sacrament of communion. It’s this issue that continues to confront us.

Historically the sacrament of communion has been offered only to baptized members of the church for the purpose of strengthening their faith. Used in this way there’s solid theological ground for offering the bread and wine to all the baptized, including children (as readers noted in The Lutheran, March, "A feast for all").

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