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Passover this Christmas

Celebrate Christ's birth, celebrate the paschal mystery

The heart of our faith is the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the fact that what happened to Jesus will happen to us too. In various ways and at different times, we, too, will suffer and die and be raised up, all in the arms of God who loves us. This is what we call the paschal mystery.

We celebrate the paschal mystery every Sunday—and in a most important way in the great Three Days every year around the time of the Jewish Passover. We mark it with baptisms and alleluias year-round.

This month as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, we also celebrate the paschal mystery. At Christmas we celebrate Easter.

Christmas is a time for remembering and reveling in the birth of our Lord; the revelation of Christ to the Jewish shepherds; the revelation of Christ to the Gentile Magi; the baptism of Christ by John in the Jordan; and Christ changing water into wine at the wedding “on the third day” (John 2:1) in Cana of Galilee. In all these things we are again reminded that “the Word became flesh and lived among us” (John 1:14).

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