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Angelic voices

Libera, a British boys' choir, performs inspirational music

"Angelic" is a term often used to describe the sound of the British boys' choir Libera. Its members, with primarily treble voices, range in age from 7 to around 17. As singers rotate in or out, the group maintains a membership of about 30. Recently Libera released its newest album, New Dawn (EMI, 2008), on which 24 boys perform.

Libera New DawnLibera's unique style combines classical, New Age and pop elements with diverse instrumentation and frequent solos by its talented members. The choir performs sacred music, hymns and other selections that could be described as inspirational. For example, New Dawn contains parts of the mass, as well as the traditional hymn "Jerusalem." But it also includes creative arrangements of contemporary Irish singer Enya's "Orinoco Flow" and former Beach Boys composer Brian Williams' "Love and Mercy."

The group had its first U.S. tour this year. Concert locations included the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and the April 20 mass officiated by Pope Benedict XVI in New York City.

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