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Episcopal Church wins ruling

The New York Court of Appeals ruled Oct. 2 in favor of the Episcopal Church and its Rochester Diocese in a dispute over the property of a parish that seceded and joined the Anglican Church of the Province of Uganda.

The court said All Saints Protestant Episcopal Church agreed to abide by national and diocese rules in its application to be a parish, and that there was no objection to a later amendment that placed parish property in trust for the local diocese and the denomination.

After the 2003 consecration of New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who is in a committed same-sex relationship, dozens of Episcopal parishes and two dioceses have left the church.

Related legal battles have cost the denomination nearly $2 million in 2008.

The Episcopal News Service reported that the church—which has also seen a 30 percent decline in endowment funds—will have a $2.5 million deficit in 2009. It had surpluses of $1.2 million in 2007 and $2 million in 2008.


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