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Word becomes flesh through art

Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer, Minneapolis, this Advent will again worship under the work of artist and member Joe Larson, who challenged himself to convey the biblical proclamation “the word became flesh.”

Joe Larson's 48-foot muralLarson started painting this piece in September 2007.

Six panels were added each week in Advent until the work was completed on the final Sunday.

Larson used icons and other traditional and not-so-traditional Christmas imagery to depict John 1 and the mystery of the incarnation on the 24 two-foot panels.


Joe Larson

Joe Larson

Posted at 11:45 am (U.S. Eastern) 11/29/2008

Thank you so much for including this photo and article in The Lutheran!

I am the artist who did this artwork. Would it be possible to mail me a copy of this issue of The Lutheran?

 Joe Larson

4242 Washburn Avenue N., Minneapolis, MN 55412

Phone: 612-588-7011

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