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Lutherans laugh?

Indeed they do. And Lutherans have through the years sent funny stories to The Lutheran’s “Light side” page. Laughing with Lutherans (Skandisk Inc.) celebrates 20 years of the magazine with a “best of” collection from “Light side.”

Released in November, the book is available at gift stores and book sellers.

It contains 11 chapters, including “Kids Say the Wisest Things,” all new cartoons from the magazine’s favorite cartoonists and a study guide for adult education/small groups.




Posted at 6:08 pm (U.S. Eastern) 12/20/2008

God gave us our sense of humor and I find it upsetting when some feel it does not fit in with church!

I praise God daily that I can laugh and  make jokes. It s a talent that God gave me that I can see the humor  in so many situations to get me through the hard times... No one can tell me that it is not God-given.

As the joke goes, God must have a sense of humor, look at the aardvark!

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