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We vote every day

Our vote at the polls on Election Day is important. Several recent presidential elections were determined by only one vote at each precinct in key states.

Even more important, though, is the vote we cast every day by the products we purchase. Every dollar we spend is counted by some industry. Each purchase enables a company to remain in business.

What we watch on television is like a vote. The programs we view encourage the producers, and sometimes compel competitors, to fill more time with the type of show people respond to.

We vote every day by the places we go, the things we do and the organizations we support.

Every decision we make is a vote for or against something.

One day a woman was crossing a street in the crosswalk. She was struck by the auto of an inattentive driver. A doctor's examination revealed only superficial bruises. She was willing to settle for the payment of the doctor bill and cost of her ruined clothing.

But a friend told her to hire a lawyer and sue for pain and mental suffering. The friend also suggested that she get her glasses, which had been broken before the accident, repaired. The woman, who was struggling financially, admitted a lawsuit was tempting.

It matters little if that woman voted in the election that year or not. All the lawmakers and judges in the world can't bring about justice without the support of people who are committed to honesty, not gain at someone else's expense.

It's a great privilege to live in a nation where we can vote not every four years--but every day, in our actions. Our decisions for honesty, justice, love and fairness reflect God's Spirit working in our lives.

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