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Students at Lutheran schools and universities benefit from advanced technology

Some colleges give their incoming freshmen welcome kits with toiletries and coupons. Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa, gives students IBM laptop computers with access to the Internet and e-mail.

These days, schools need more than quality teachers and a nice campus. Sharp students are looking for cutting edge equipment and programs that are compatible with the work world they soon will enter.

For Waldorf, the decision to become a laptop college came a year ago. John Sorenson, academic dean, sees mobile computing as the wave of the future. Instead of allowing those who could afford the technology to leap ahead of those who could not, the school decided to level the playing field with computers for all first-year students. Annual tuition increased (from $9,600 to $10,575), Sorenson said, in part to cover some of the computer costs. But the hike is comparable to increases across Evangelical Lutheran Church in America colleges and universities.

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