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The joke's on you, Grandpa

I decided to have some fun at Thanksgiving dinner when my son, daughter-in-law and their two girls visited. We roasted the turkey, but I baked a Cornish game hen as well. I put the hen in the middle of a huge platter and brought it to the table, saying, “I must have baked it too long and look how it has shrunk.” Tammy, the youngest, looked up at me and said, “That’s OK, Grandpa, we can share.” What a lesson for Thanksgiving.

Elmer E. Burrall
Weirsdale, Fla.

“What a nightmare! I dreamt that the
“What a nightmare! I dreamt that the Pilgrims started the tradition of having zucchini casserole for Thanksgiving.”
High church

Our sermon titles are posted on the church sign. The week my sermon title was “God Loves Weeds, Too” someone removed the “s” from weeds so it read “God Loves Weed, Too.” Church was packed.

Matt Philaya
Fergus Falls, Minn.

Commercial influence

The children’s worship bulletin featured a picture of a shepherd with instructions to count the sheep. So my son, Cameron, 6, counted them, put numbers on all the sheep and circled the appropriate answer. I then got a lesson in how much television he watches when he drew a home for the sheep. In the background he made a rectangle, put in a door and wrote across the top of the building: S-e-r-t-a.

Stacy Avery
West Lafayette, Ind.

“It’s too early to start being good
“It’s too early to start being good for Christmas. Let’s at least wait until the Thanksgiving leftovers are all gone.”
My son and daughter-in-law have been working with their son, Kai, 2, on his bedtime prayers. He thanks God for his parents and baby sister, Annelise, and is encouraged to add anything else for which he’s thankful. He has thanked God for his ceiling fan and the outdoors. Recently he thanked God for “Menards, where you always save [big] money.” I guess we can’t even get away from the commercial breaks at prayer time.

Barbara Veeder
Aurora, Ill.

The church’s influence too

It had been awhile since our daughter Jennifer, 5, had included the Lord’s Prayer in her bedtime prayers, leaving her only to pray it during worship. When I suggested we pray it together one night, I was surprised that she confidently recited it without missing a word, but even more surprised when she ended it: “Amen. Please be seated.”

Tamara Byram Mahl
Davenport, Iowa

And away with morals, ethics

A few of us were working in the church library. Even though we were pulling books that were outdated, it was startling to hear the pastor announce, “I’m throwing away Morals and Ethics.”

Shirley Neitzel
Kentwood, Mich.


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