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Lutheran promotes enrollment in Utah's colleges and universities

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call William Sederburg one of Utah’s most recognizable Lutherans. After all, in a state dominated spiritually by the Mormon church, the ELCA isn’t exactly well known to the average resident.

William Sederburg inherits a "giant bottle of Tylenol" from David Buhler.
William Sederburg (center) inherits “a giant bottle of Tylenol” from David Buhler (right). Sederburg succeeds Buhler as Utah’s commissioner of higher education. At left is Sederburg’s wife, Joyce.
But more people in Utah will learn a bit about the Lutheran faith now that Sederburg is its new commissioner of higher education.

The member of Zion Lutheran Church, Salt Lake City, left his five-year position as president of Utah Valley University, Orem, to help promote higher enrollment in Utah’s nine state college and universities, as well as helping create new degree programs and make each school run more effectively.

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