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Filling the barnyard

Youth buy sheep, cows, bees and other animals for people in need

Before Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Decorah, Iowa, was built, the lawn was a sheep pasture. On Good Shepherd Sunday in April, the Sunday school kicked off its “Woolly Sheep Ornament” project in honor of the church’s heritage and 50th anniversary.

GabrielaDeifelt Streese (left), Kalle
Gabriela Deifelt Streese (left), Kalle and Keaton Solberg, and Barbara Berg check out the sheep that visited Sunday school at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Decorah, Iowa. Sheep were the focus for a number of Sunday school lessons as the congre-gation cele-brated its 50th anniversary.
Students and adult volunteers made woolly sheep ornaments. The sheep grazed in a grass pasture (a table with green cloth and Easter grass) in the narthex, waiting to be sold before and after worship. Originally made of fluffy white yarn with a black face and legs, soon black and gray sheep appeared. Some even had coats of many colors.

The youth raised $4,000 during April and May to buy 80 goats for families through God’s Global Barnyard.

The ornaments were also delivered to members who are homebound or living in care facilities. Pastors providing supply preaching this year will receive an ornament, as will new members of Good Shepherd, former parishioners who attended the anniversary celebration, confirmands and graduating seniors.

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