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The young masters

Art projects teach youth about the Bible, relationships

You paint on the wall, you get in trouble, right? Not at Bethel Lutheran Church, Parkersburg, Iowa.

"The Gallery" is a new room in the church basement. High school students took old masterpieces of Bible stories and painted them on the classroom walls.

To spotlight their five-month effort, a lighting track will be installed around the walls. Their work also was highlighted on Neighborhood News, a Waterloo, Iowa, TV program.

Sixth- and seventh-graders at Atonement Lutheran Church, Rochester, N.Y., looked to the Bible for an art project too. Using Bible reference materials, the youth did research to design two wall-hangings.

The five boys divided up the Old Testament books and selected stories or passages to illustrate. Their pictures were attached to two sheets of 30-by-69 inch paper, which were later decorated with a border and professionally laminated. The youth presented their artwork to the congregation during an adult forum.

At Holy Trinity Lutheran, Lafayette, Ind., confirmation students gave their congregation a handmade quilt. Nine students pieced together 1,292 fabric squares, placing a cross and three rings of the Trinity in the center.

The group says the multicolored quilt signifies that "all of us, with all our differences, make up the church. The center of our lives is the cross and the Holy Trinity."

In California, craft projects bring together six churches for "Sunday Night Alive." Winnie Hofer, for example, taught eight girls and several adults how to crochet. As a special treat, she crocheted caps for the girls who mastered their first lessons.

Sunday Night Alive is part of the San Fernando Valley Lutheran Youth Fellowship at St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Granada Hills, Calif. During three hours of crafts, Bible study, food and fellowship, young people develop relationships with the older participants.


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