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Forgiveness no accident

Family finds blessings during recovery

Scot Hodkiewicz should have died Oct. 22, 2006. Hit head-on by a drunk driver on Interstate 90, just north of Madison, Wis., Hodkiewicz and his family were lucky to survive the impact alone. Plus, there were additional odds stacked against him that day: a torn femoral artery, the loss of his pulse for several minutes and a reaction to blood transfusions that typically causes someone to bleed to death.

Mona and Scot Hodkiewicz say family,
Mona and Scot Hodkiewicz say family, friends, community, faith and members of their church, Immanuel Lutheran, Lake Geneva, Wis., got them through the difficult months following a car accident. Their children Alexa (left), Victoria and Chase, along with the family pets Olivia (held by Alexa) and Annabelle, also survived the crash.
But Hodkiewicz lived. And he believes the accident happened for a reason.

He and his wife, Mona, are veterinarians in Lake Geneva, Wis., where they have been members of Immanuel Lutheran Church for nine years. They’d just enjoyed a weekend with their three children at their cabin in northern Wisconsin and were returning home when a driver with seven DUIs on his record, Mark Spangler, crossed a narrow median on the interstate and hit the family’s minivan.

Hodekiewicz doesn’t remember the accident. “I just remember hearing things,” his wife said. “It’s like being in a thick cloud. You don’t see anything but you hear it all.”

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