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Race and justice

Coming to grips with life experiences of others

Race and justice are never easy topics. Witness a column in this month’s issue and two recent gatherings sanctioned by the ELCA.

Columnist Stephen G. Marsh was asked this year to make the case for justice as a key goal of the church. Under the general headline of “Jesus and justice: An exploration of right relationship,” the ordained assistant to the bishop of the Southeast Michigan Synod this month tackles justice and the modern church ("The modern church").

His conclusion may strike some as blunt. It is his opinion, though—one formed through a life experienced as only an African-American can. The lens to his worldview is different from mine and that of the overwhelming majority of this church. It is one that needs airing.

That point was driven home during a conference in Baltimore titled “At the Intersection of Race and Poverty: An ELCA Capacity Building and Network Gathering.” Attended by synod bishops, churchwide staff, ecumenical partners and other leaders, the event looked for the next steps in the effort to make the ELCA an anti-racist church.

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