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I just saw another of the great ads that the United Methodist Church is running these days. They use the image of people leaving gifts in all sorts of places. The ads end with an invitation to churches where "our hearts, our minds and our doors are always open." When I see one of these ads, I wish it were for the ELCA.

A couple of years ago, one of the professors from the Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg (Pa.) taught a study of Luke at our church. One of the most compelling images in his sessions was based on the concept that the good news of Christ is a verb, not a noun. He evoked a compelling image that helped us see witnesses to the work of Christ "gospelizing" their hearers by enveloping them with the good news.

I came away with a vision that all of us who know the Lord carry around us an aura that is the good news. This aura can envelop anyone we meet as we go about our daily lives. When we tell someone "God loves you," in word or deed we are "gospelizing" our neighbors. I think the ELCA is doing a good job of "gospelizing" in our churches and in our many programs, such as the World Hunger Appeal. I'm also convinced we could do a better job of inviting people into Lutheran congregations.

I really like what the United Methodists are doing. They are touching an audience of millions. We Lutherans could do the same thing--not in competition but in cooperation. I observe that the United Methodists don't run these ads constantly. To do so would be a huge expense, more than a single denomination could afford as wise stewardship of its resources. We have an interim eucharistic sharing agreement with the United Methodists, and I believe it would make sense for us to coordinate campaigns that keep our loving invitation in the public eye more often than either of us could afford alone.

We celebrate the love of Christ for us and all people in all our churches every week. Let's get the invitations out to more people and make this party rock.

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• What are the gifts and liabilities of a congregation’s size?
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Respond to any or all of these questions in 400 words or less to julie.sevig@thelutheran.org.

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