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I saw Jesus today


I saw Jesus today.

We were visiting our son at a McDonald’s to say our goodbyes after attending parent’s weekend at his college. A man with an unkempt appearance approached our table. He wore an old denim jacket, not a robe or sandals. And instead of sporting a shepherd’s crook as an ancient traveler might, he was straddling a rusty bicycle. His demeanor was gentle. His bearded and toothless smile was full of weathered warmth.

As he approached our table, my apprehension grew. I kept my eye on him as my family remained in conversation. He leaned into our midst and said, “You all look so happy.” I suppose it was the way in which those words were delivered that caught my attention. I detected that this man didn’t take happiness for granted—for him it was not a right but something to be earned.

His insightful remark easily transcended race, age, class and gender. It didn’t seem to matter to him who we were. This man had the courage to speak to strangers, not with belligerence but with grace. To remind us of our fortune gave him a mission. It was as if he could have said, “Look at what wealth you have. Some people would pay a heavy price to be that happy. In fact, some couldn’t afford it at all.”

In all frankness, something came over me after he spoke. I was truly touched by his remark. I scurried to find spare change only to look up and watch him blend into the suburban landscape. In an instant he was gone. Yet his presence remained.

Was this Jesus? Does Jesus speak to us when we least expect it?

That Sunday our pastor elaborated upon the gospel passage: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:24). And I thought about the man at McDonald’s. I did see Jesus that day—he wasn’t wearing a robe but an old denim jacket and a smile that went right through me as he perched atop a dilapidated bicycle.

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