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When addressing groups I often ask people to “turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself with the words you most often use.” What if I said, “After your name, use only four words”? Could you find four words to express the heart of who you are? Could these words invite more conversation, engage the hearer’s interest and provide lasting reference points?

The ELCA's brand mark and tag line
The ELCA 's brand mark and tag line. Read more about using the brand mark and tag line.

What four words would you use to describe the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America? We live in a culture where we will miss the opportunity to tell our story if we do not creatively and consistently “brand” ourselves. The purpose and challenge of the ELCA’s tag line “God’s work, our hands” is not to replace Scripture and the confessions, the constitutional statement of purpose or churchwide mission statement—but to open a door to conversation that gives you the opportunity to witness to your faith and tell the story of how you live in service for the life of the world.

Let me offer a way of using “God’s work, our hands” to share more about our faith, hope and mission with the kind of fluency in the first language of faith that we seek as a Book of Faith church.

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