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Reforming the church

Some want the scope broader

I was dismayed to see a former bishop of the church (Paull Spring) purport to hold Scripture in highest regard and then so misrepresent it (August, "My view: Reforming the ELCA"). That Spring and CORE (Coalition for Reform) should elevate homosexuality to the forefront of biblical concern far ahead of Jesus’ many references to the misuse of wealth and abuse of power simply baffles me. Spring calls the one man/one woman lifelong union the “classical standard.” I’m unsure which classical period he refers to. Throughout most of Scripture the standard was polygamy. In Bible times and through much of the world today a man, on whim, can divorce his wife by a simple pronouncement. In those times and places, men can engage with multiple sexual partners without fault while for women it’s a capital offense. Arranged marriages have been “classical” too. From earliest times the definition of marriage has been in a state of flux. I agree that the church stands in continuous need of reforming, but I see the scope of that need much more broadly than what happens in the bedroom.

Fred Opalinski
Reading, Pa.

‘Artful God-language’ & mystery

I am troubled by Paull Spring’s statement in The Lutheran written on behalf of CORE: “Some elements in Evangelical Lutheran Worship, with its artful God-language for the Trinity, make us anxious indeed.” I find this artful language to reflect the greatness and mystery of God. It makes me less anxious because it reminds and reaffirms for me that all are created in the image of God.

Pam Heaton
Cincinnati, Ohio

Need God’s word

Thanks to Paull E. Spring for the article. We very much need the inspired word of God to be in charge of our church and then follow it.

Ken Jore
McIntosh, Minn.

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