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Take two Lutherans and call me ...

Cartoon by Mark Sisson

When our daughter was 3 she had her doll in its high chair and was giving her candy “pills.” When I asked her what they were, my daughter replied, “This one is Bufferin and this one is Lutheran.”

Ginny Dove
Palm Springs, Calif.

You’re the Rex who called for an appointment
You’re the Rex who called for an appointment with the pastor?
Saints & sinners

A headline from the Duluth [Minn.] News Tribune recorded this college basketball game between St. Scholastica and Martin Luther: “Saints fall to Martin Luther.”

Wahli Vanstrom
Duluth, Minn.

When three Osage, Iowa, high school athletes went on to be outstanding volleyball players for Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa, the headline in the Mason City, Iowa, Globe Gazette read: “Devils to be honored at Wartburg.”

Jim Magelssen
Mason City, Iowa

My daughter, 5, brought home a poster from Sunday school on Reformation Day of a stained-glass window depicting scenes from Martin Luther’s life. I was so proud as she told me about his life, birthplace and college. My elation ended when she said: “And this is when he screwed the 1,000 good things about the church.”

Sharolyn Browning
Austin, Texas

Blessing of the white meat

The irony was not lost on members of St. Timothy Lutheran, Columbia Heights, Minn., when two church events were scheduled on the same day: The blessing of the animals and the pork and turkey roast.

Tom Stutelberg
Columbia Heights, Minn.

And a 12-year-old shall lead us ...

Laurel was running through Sunday’s schedule with her daughter, Olivia: “We’ll go to Sunday school and then to church.” “Both?” asked Olivia, 12. “Yes, both,” replied Laurel with certainty. Olivia was pained: “Do we have to?” Laurel explained that even though they’d been off this schedule for two weeks “that’s what we do. ... What’s the problem?” Olivia explained: “I’ve already done my offering envelope and I don’t have enough money for both!” Laurel assured her it would be OK to have just one offering this time, but Olivia said she hated to see the plate go by and not contribute, so she returned to her piggy bank to get a second offering.

Sue Edison-Swift
Park Ridge, Ill.


Dave Richards

Dave Richards

Posted at 8:47 pm (U.S. Eastern) 10/19/2008

In the Sunday church bulletin today, a paragraph about the distribution of communion included the sentence, "Glutton free wafers are also available."

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