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Projection screens

While a number of ELCA congregations have adopted projection screens for their worship services, many have not and for legitimate reasons. In older sanctuaries, a permanent screen would have to go front and center, likely blocking prominent church features. And the idea of having pictures or words projected seems too much like entertainment. Yet pastors and seminaries are discovering how the language of video and image can be a powerful proclaimer of the gospel.

There is nothing better for a “test run” than a COW, or Computer On Wheels, a mobile cart that holds a laptop, video projector, and a set of power and sound cords. A COW can be placed in a worship space with minimal distraction and uses a temporary screen or wall. Draft some high school kids or an adult who uses PowerPointFor the Sake of the Gospel: A Media Ministry Primer by Kent V. Wilson (Augsburg Fortress, 2006) is an excellent place to learn how media has been used in traditional ELCA settings.
and pair them up with your worship team—you’re ready for a trial run.




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