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Jesus for President?

Never. But as Lord he presides over all of life.

One of the reasons people give up on Christianity, on following Jesus with any practical priority is that Jesus’ words are, well, so impractical. And so they’re discarded in favor of what works and brings security.

A campaign sign for Jesus?If we’re honest, there’s only a fraction of what Jesus commands his followers to do that most of us actually do. We’re Lutherans, after all—steeped in the grace of God. We’ve got the doctrine of justification down pat. We know that we can’t be saved by proper moral behavior. Or even by doing good.

The commands each of us ignore would differ, but I’ll admit it: Some of what Jesus clearly says we should do, I blatantly avoid. But that’s only part of it, our disobedience. Not only do we fail to do what Jesus said to do but often—deep down, if we’re honest—we think his words are foolish, impractical, even silly. If you’ve never thought that about any of Jesus’ words, perhaps you’ve never read them that closely.

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