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Seminary library holds rare books & Bibles

Discoveries include works by Luther and Melanchthon

If you’re one of those Americans who grew up with radio rather than television, you may remember Fibber McGee’s closet. It was filled with the treasures of McGee’s life, but they were useless to him because the closet was overstuffed and unorganized. He had lost track of what was in there.

Just look what turned up in a collection
Just look what turned up in a collection at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago: a rare Bible from the Middle Ages (held by Ralph Klein). Finds also included Martin Luther’s 95 Theses printed weeks after he nailed them to the Wittenburg Castle church door.
Now imagine the closet filled with rare and ancient books, collected over a lifetime, passed on to generations of scholars. Uncataloged. Until now.

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