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One family, two churches

We already have many "ecumenical families." Here's how one works.

Janelle and Paul Sammarco dated for five years before they married. They talked of their future together, pictured their children and spent hours discussing their respective religious traditions. Janelle, a Lutheran, and Paul, a Roman Catholic, knew that their church affiliations would raise issues for their marriage.

What they did not know was that the influence of the U.S. Lutheran — Roman Catholic Dialogue would stretch from the highest levels of church affairs into local congregations.

In fact, it made possible a covenant between Janelle's congregation, Trinity Lutheran, and her husband's Catholic parish, St. Mary's, both of Des Plaines, Ill. This agreement has produced pulpit exchanges, joint adult studies and social ministries, and a Bible school that drew more than 200 children and teachers from the parishes last summer. Since 1993 Janelle has been a member of Trinity's Covenant Committee.

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