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4 ELCAers lead Bonhoeffer group

Four ELCA pastors hold leadership roles in The International Bonhoeffer Society-English Language Section, an interdenominational, scholarly organization of more than 250 members affiliated with the American Academy of Religion.

President is John W. Matthews, Grace Lutheran Church, Apple Valley, Minn.; vice president is H. Gaylon Barker, Zion Lutheran Church, Stamford, Conn. Clifford Green, retired, is executive director of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works (English Edition, available from Augsburg Fortress, Publishers); and Lisa Dahill, professor, ELCA pastor, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio, is program liaison with AAR.

In July the 10th International Bonhoeffer Congress was held in Prague, Czech Republic, with the theme “Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Theology in Today’s World: A Way Between Fundamentalism and Secularism?”

Historian Martin E. Marty, also an ELCA pastor, delivered a plenary address on fundamentalism.


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