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Great faith

It's unshakable, firm on the rock that is Jesus

Examine the uses of the word “rock” in modern English, and you’ll find an astonishing array of meanings. The same word that describes the calm sway of ships on quiet seas can also depict the sudden movements of powerful and disruptive forces in our world.

RockIf a significant activity begins with considerable difficulty, we call that “a rocky start.” Yet we easily smile at the image of a parent who gently rocks a baby to sleep.

We cringe at the specter of any public scandal or natural disaster that disturbs the peace and rocks a community to its core. But if it’s inevitable that sooner or later something will come to rock our world, we’d rather it come from the gifts of artists, teachers, chefs or even preachers who stir our emotions and challenge our minds to enjoy the wonder and beauty of great performances, great ideas, great food and, yes, great faith.

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