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The Resurrection

Exploring right relationship

Resurrection is a justice issue. If justice is faithfulness to the values of the kingdom of God—values that would have everyone living in harmony, equality and peace—then the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth was and is an issue of justice. True justice demands that the Crucifixion not be the final word.

The crucifixion of Jesus is what hate looks like in public. In his life and death, Jesus identified with the pain, suffering, rejection, inequality and violence of the world.

Not only was it written on the faces and the lives of those he taught and healed, but Jesus himself was a member of an oppressed people. The violence at every level that was perpetrated against his people was also perpetrated against him. Not to mention the fact that his own people ended up turning against him! This was the catalyst for his crucifixion in the first place. Crucifixion is one of the most torturous means of capital punishment humanity has ever devised. God had already decided Jesus’ crucifixion, and the crushing of humanity by humanity that it stood for would not win the day.

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