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Paws for prayer

Dog and pastorAfter Mary Appelt-Graves noticed all the dogs being walked by Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Chicago, she asked an owner, “If you [could] start your day with prayer and some inspiring words, would you and your dog be interested in coming?”

The result was “Paws for prayer,” a 30-minute outdoor pet-friendly service during July and August.

As the pets enjoy water and the humans lemonade, the pastor said there was a good opportunity to answer questions about the church that welcomes dogs.


Karen Conklin

Karen Conklin

Posted at 11:53 am (U.S. Eastern) 9/2/2008

I am very interested in this ministry.  I'd like to be able to talk with someone at the church to get more information.  Can you help me do that? 

 Thank you for putting this in the magazine.  God loves all of his creatures.  Pet lovers are always looking for acitivites to include their pets into their lives.

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