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Reforming the ELCA

CORE asks, 'Who's in charge of the church?'

"What’s at stake for Lutheran CORE and the ELCA?” That was the trenchant question I was asked at an open forum in suburban Detroit. “What’s at stake?”

My reply was that we in Lutheran CORE (Coalition for Reform) are concerned for the interpretation of the Bible as God’s word of law and gospel and for the confessional integrity of the ELCA as a Lutheran church body. I added that what truly troubles us in Lutheran CORE is the question, “Who’s in charge of the church?” Is it private opinion and the relativistic mood of the times—does the world set the agenda for the church or is it Scripture and the confessions of our church?

Lutheran CORE is a confessional movement within the ELCA. Our intention is to remain within the ELCA. We see ourselves as a voice for the word of God within our church. We are a broad-based coalition of ELCA people: congregations and individual lay people and pastors.

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