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Who are you wearing?

Minnesota youth begin T-shirt ministry to spread the good news.

Youth at Salem Lutheran Church , Longville, Minn., believe people who read T-shirts get a free insight into the person wearing it. So they decided to design a shirt—one that features the ultimate designer.

Their T-shirt reads: “4:20 God’s got your back!”

Caity Daudt (left) and Savannah Daudt,
Caity Daudt (left) and Savannah Daudt, members of Salem Lutheran Church, Longville, Minn., show off one of the shirts they sell to raise money for their mission project for the Pine Ridge [S.D.] Indian Reservation.
What’s the story on 4/20? In their studies, the youth discovered that April 20 has been intentionally or unintentionally used to invoke evil. In a press release, they explained:

“It happens to be the birth date of Adolf Hitler. Hitler, who oversaw the extermination of 6 million Jews, could be considered the face of evil. ... As our thinking progressed, we wondered if it was a macabre coincidence or a perversion of glorifying this birth date that the Columbine school shooting of 12 students and one teacher took place on April 20, 1999 (in Littleton, Colo.) . ... Next we learned that 4/20 has been a designated time for lighting up a joint, a generic way of declaring one likes to use marijuana, or a term for the substance itself.

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